Hat off the Press!

Whether you already wear hats, want to wear hats, or (especially) if you think you can't wear hats, this Book is for YOU!  Timeless and timely.

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The Hat Ladies Win an Oscar

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The Hat Ladies host 5 Luncheons in New York for female ambassadors and high officials of The United Nations

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"No other accessory has such power to express our individuality and no other accessory is so much fun.

Hats will change the way you think about yourself. They will change the way other people see you.


You need courage to wear a hat nowadays because hats are a commitment. People will look at you – they’ve got eyes – and when they look at you with a hat on they’ll think ‘How fabulous!’"  (Richard Nylon) 

If you are a Lady who genuinely loves hats but isn't always comfortable being the only one wearing them AND a Lady who loves to volunteer but prefers doing it with someone...AND a Lady who wants to share the joys of friendship...there is a


The Hat Ladies

  • Join Ladies of all ages who love hats of all colors
  • Do meaningful things while wearing those beautiful hats
  • Experience wonderful consequences because of your love of hats and love of humanity


  • Look good, feel good, do good
  • Be part of a stylish brigade of Ladies who are making a difference
  • Enjoy the best of camaraderie and community service
  • Network with women of all ages
  • Discover how hats open doors
  • Receive compliments
  • Experience a rise in self-esteem
  • Develop a positive "hatitude"
  • Contribute to bringing back the hat
  • Have fun doing all the above!


NOT to be confused with The Red Hat Society, the Store for hats,, or any other hat groups anywhere; we are a Charleston original

We don't make hats

We don't sell hats

We WEAR (and LOVE) them!


Archie Burkel aka Top Hat
Founder and President of The Hat Ladies LLC 

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805 Heyward Cove, Charleston, SC 29412

 (843) 762-6679;

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All rights reserved.