Easter Promenade 2012

(next year:  March 30, 2013)

Thank you for bringing Charleston an event that truly sets it apart! Meredith Siemens

Our Promenade is respectful of the Easter holiday and welcomes the spring season in a bouquet of hats of all colors. It is called a "Promenade," as opposed to a "parade," since it reflects the grace, gentility, and traditions of Charleston.  As The Post and Courier wrote, "It is not walking. It is not sashaying.  It is not strutting.  It is a leisurely walk taken for pleasure, to display one's finery, etc.' It is "hats off to our Hat Ladies, proud preservationists of promenading." 

The Post and Courier thought so highly of our Promenade they included it on the first page of their Guide to Life in The Lowcountry, 2012 edition.  The caption "Welcome to Charleston" was followed by a half page photo of Sissa and Ed Green with St. Michaels and the Courthouse in the background under the blue skies of our Holy City.

We are fortunate to have an excellent Youtube video of this year's Promenade

http://youtu.be/0RGgFccYIq8 and even one from last year:



Another wonderful link comes to us from WCIV/ABC:



Now we cordially invite you to CLICK ON EACH OF THE FOLLOWING ICONS so  Promenade  2012 can pass you by:

 Gathering at Washington Park

 Strolling the Historic Streets of Charleston

 Enjoying The Palmer Home Bed and Breakfast

Spending the Rest of The Day and The Holiday Weekend

Receiving the Nicest Letters

Acknowledging Those who Made it Happen

  Picture the Hat Ladies