If anyone knows what's "hat-pin ing" around Charleston, it's The Hat Ladies.  Thus our Calendar is typically filled with hat wearing opportunities that bring Ladies and our community together.  The friendships and self-esteem pulled out of our hats is powerful and meaningful to all of us. COVID 19 led to the cancellation of major Charleston events that we have supported through our volunteerism for YEARS.

Ladies who love hats who come to Charleston are welcome to join us at our HaT-pin-ings, if prior arrangements are made

2021 Hat-pin-ings will be scheduled as conditions and imagination allow.


4:  Holiday Luncheon at Water's Edge w/Gently Used Hat Sale; 11:30 - 2:00



Hat-pin-ings will be added for January and February, but the following 2 signature events belong on everyone's calendar NOW:

March 17: St. Patricks Day Parade; 9:00 - 11:00; optional lunch afterwards at Condon's

April 16:  The Hat Ladies Easter Luncheon tradition at High Cotton; UNOFFICIAL Promenade from White Point Gardens to Restaurant



Hat-pin-wings 2021

We were off to a slow start, as Charleston (and the rest of the world) started to recover from COVID.

Hat-pin-ings 2020 

This year COVID effectively canceled all community activities in which The Hat Ladies would have participated.  There were, however, some clever events we managed to pull out of our hats.  Click on icon to find out what they were.

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