The International African American Museum (IAAM) is in the final stages of fundraising and design planning. The Hat Ladies invite you to join our effort to convince the Board to include a replica of a Hat Shop in one of the Galleries.  Adding our voice and donations may make the difference.


Therefore, we ask you to add your voice through donations, as well.


As Ladies of all ages and backgrounds who love hats of all colors and engage in meaningful community service, we understand and respect the cultural significance of African women arriving on our shore in headwear.  We also know the meaningful history of hats for African American Ladies ever since.  We are honored to call them our hatsisters.


Moreover, we know that no less a comparable Institution, The International African American Museum in Washington, DC, saw fit to include a replica of a Hat Shop in their Gallery.


How much nicer for us to have an icon of our own to pattern it after: Jewel Mikell.


I recently attended the Board Meeting, expressed my opinion, and received a favorable enough response to come to you, hat in hand, to show it is not just the position of The Hat Ladies that this idea has merit.


But time is of the essence.  The IAAM has set its sites on reaching their fundraising goals by the end of this year.


Here is what we ask you to do:


1.  Write a check, payable to the IAAM (The International African American Museum).


2.  Include a note that has your email address and a statement indicating if you ONLY want your donation to go to The Hat Shop OR if it can go into their general coffers, if The Hat Shop is not approved.


3.  Mail your check and information to me, Archie Burkel, at 805 Heyward Cove, Charleston 29412. Since the IAAM cannot set up a special account for The Hat Shop, the President of the Board suggested I become the "holding pattern" pending Board approval by their next meeting, February 2, 2018.


Most of all, please share this message with everyone you believe might be supportive and DO IT BY THE END OF THE YEAR.  Jewell Mikell was well known and loved in our Community.  She had a dream, and it was realized.  Let us continue that dream. It is time to see what we can pull out of her hats...and do it together.  After all, bringing people together is what hats do best.


Thank you for your consideration,

Archie Burkel

Top Hat of The Hat Ladies of Charleston